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If you are considering using any form of paid online marketing to attract new clients into your dance school you could end up spending a fortune with not much results.

Dance_studio_marketing_consultation_website_developement_and_online_marketing_servicesYou see the world wide web is so huge with many different marketing strategies available, however the key to remember is that your dance school business is a LOCAL business so not everyone on the internet is going to be interested in your services. So how do you market a local business online ?

If you are doing SEO on your website then it is key to go after the long tailed keywords with your area in the keyword for Googles results to be targeted to your locality. Plus having a Google local business listing will enhance the results of your website.

However it makes ALOT of sense to go find the new clients to increase your dance studio profits where they hang out.. and online it’s Facebook ! With Facebook Ads your can specifically target who you want to market to which will therefore have your money work for you in a much better way… and the investment can be down the penny and each campaign is tracked so you can monitor what is working and what is not. With this targeted marketing conversions will be higher and your traffic to your website will also increase.

I recently came across this Dance Studio Profit course by Steve Hofstetter specifically for dance studio owners to show them how to implement the Facebook Ads strategies to get results and wow it certainly has some great content to give you all the knowledge you need to increase your Dance Studio Profits.

If you are serious about taking your dance school business forward by attracting more clients by using Facebook Ads then you must click this link to learn more

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Brit School Dancers Career

Dawn Mendonca Co-Founder of DanceMode / DTT attended the famous BRIT School & graduated in 1993 ! She was in the first year the school had opened and had the pleasure to be invited back to the school to now educate and share her experience to the graduates about to leave the school looking for advice on building a career in dance.

The workshop covered topics such as how a dance teacher can make a lucrative business doing something they love by having multiple income streams to achieve a fulfilled career. Teaching dance is the only way a dancer can realistically secure a regular income. Performance paid work is irregular and does not offer a secure financial future. We see it time and time again where dancers have this dream of wanting to perform, they attend auditions after auditions, some get lucky but the contracts are short lived whilst others end up dancing for free and therefore not believing in their worth.

With campaigns such as Dancers United UK its essential this free labour stops now in order for the dance industry to grow in the right direction. Too many companies are taking advantage of those who do not value their worth in the performance world and this will only continue if dancers allow it to happen. Teaching dance therefore is the more secure way forward to start a career in dance.

Dawn said “It was a pleasure to be invited back the BRIT School and really great that the students were thinking ahead about the routes they can take in dance that are realistic on how they can build a future by becoming a dancepreneur. We would love to help them with the transistion from dancer to dance teacher to dancepreneur and hopefully they too will be able to come back to BRIT School and give back once again”.

Photo of Dawn Mendonca & Suzanne Mendonca outside Brit School on Careers Day

brit school

To learn more about how you can become a qualified dance teacher with an international dance teachers qualification to kickstart your career into the professional world of teaching dance. See courses

For booking onto a DTT course you will also get inside the Dancepreneur City Network for FREE where you will be able to network and find the necessary knowledge and information you need to support you in your dance career.








Meet An IDTA Examiner .. (Video Interview)

If you are about to take an IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) exam then you probably are anxious to know what your examiner will be like. Well, from experience of having examiners examine our students they are all very professional, pleasant and they WANT YOU TO PASS !! Yes they are on your side, and with professional examinations they understand how nervous you may be and will try to ease your nerves with general conversation to break to ice. If you get stuck on a question they will prompt you to get the answer out of you. So have no fear…

The examiners are also successful dance school business owners in their own right, they often are still teaching, judging at competitions, lecturing at seminars and involved in IDTA committee area meetings… and all started from just taking that first associate level exam. If you are looking to become an examiner then  yes there is a few years of work to be done. Depending on what branch you would like to examine ie. theatre branch or ballroom branch you would of had to of gained the freestyle qualifications (associate, licentiate & fellowship) plus the fellowship levels in 2 other styles under the branch you would like to progress to becoming an examiner. Once you have all 3 fellowships then you would have to apply to do the examiner training and examiners exam.

To learn more, we recently had dance school owner and IDTA examiner Chris Green attend one of our examination sessions and she kindly allowed us to interview her about her dance career journey..

Teach Dance – We Can Come To Train You to Teach Dance

Teach DanceSome dancers want to get qualified to teach dance but it’s inconvenient to travel to us to attend our courses in Greater London so instead we arrange to travel to them.

Due to the intensity of our freestyle dance teacher training courses we can deliver private tuition for yourself in just 2 days to become a fully qualified teacher with online 4-6 weeks revision support thereafter. We can also arrange for your exam to either be held at a dance school near to where you live or you can travel to us for one day to take your exam. We want to help you to teach dance whereever you are in the world, we are passionate about teaching dance and know that by doing so we are spreading the passion even further. Teaching dance is a rewarding career and also can be a life changing one for many.

If you do decide to request for us to travel to you to do the training, it could be cost effective if you were to round up a group of dancers who would also like to teach dance especially if you are in another country.  This is an internationally recognised qualification, so where ever you are in the world this dance teacher qualification is pretty much valid. (Subject to IDTA confirmation)

Click here For more information our private tuition

To discuss further the possibilities of having us travel to you, please email

Now Working With South East Dance Studios!

South East Dance StudiosJust like most dance teachers we started out teaching in our local church halls…. we have had some experiences working in these places let me tell you.. from dropping maggots to stage rats, not to mention all the holes in the floor.. , (there were also some nice church halls.. will never forget the good halls too.. they were appreciated). Working as a newly qualified dance teacher back then though however was really fun… it was exciting times for us, a new venture and once we were qualified we had a new vision of what could be…

We had found that teaching gave us a whole new level of passion for dance. It was so rewarding and empowering just to know we were making a difference somehow someway with the kids who came to our classes fulfilled us. Some of our past students  who are now adults and are still dancing… some are also teaching and giving back once again. Looking back we would never of dreamed how far having an IDTA professional teaching qualification would take us..

So this is why 15 years later, we are so excited to be working with South East Dance Studios in Kent to now bring to you our dance teacher training courses in this awesome venue for 2014. We cannot wait to assist with the transition of the next group of dancers into becoming dancepreneurs & professional teachers on our teacher training courses at this outstanding venue.. are you coming ??? …. Check out the video for a sneak peak

For more information on 2014 Dance Teacher Training Courses Click here

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