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We know what it’s lke, you want to get qualified to teach dance & do the IDTA training but it costs money. You want to be sure that this course is right for you. Well,  for the cost of the investment you will sure make this money back in quick time teaching dance. On average our past students have made their money back in less than two months .. and then the rest is history. As IDTA training graduates they have gone on to pack up their jobs and work for themselves teaching dance living a life they have always dreamed of, doing something that is not only fulfilling but something they have a passion for.

So to help you out with your decision we have put together the top 20 Questions that we get asked about the Intensive Associate Level IDTA Freestyle Dance Teacher Training Course. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below or contact us..we are happy to help !

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Although in this video are our top 20 questions that we get asked by students enquiring to come onto the course, we understand that you may also be looking other IDTA training providers.

We therefore recommend that these Top 5 questions be asked to all IDTA training providers in order to assist with your research before making a decision.

1) Who are the lecturers? what are their qualifications and are they qualified to deliver the IDTA course training ?
At DTT All IDTA training is delivered by professional IDTA lecturers who are qualified to deliver the IDTA training.

2) How long have you been running these courses ?
DTT were the first to run intensive IDTA training courses and have been leading the way since 2005 !

3) What do you offer students once they are qualified ?
All DTT students are given FREE access to Dancepreneur City ! The only dance business community and network in the world !

4) Can I contact a student to get a review about your services ?
At DTT we would be happy to share a list of students dance school websites who we have trained up who now run dance schools themselves. Their contact information can be found on their sites, . We are still friends with them all so no problem !

5) Do you know the examiner ?
Yes at DTT we know most the examiners which examine for us and have built up great relationships with them. We have an idea of how they examine and what they look for.

Dance Teachers: Spreading the Love of Dance…

Our mission is that we want to spread the love of dance to as many people as we can, you see for us when we were kids it was our only outlet we had to be able to express ourselves, to feel free and by getting into this zone our love for dance grew. We truly believe that it was through dance that gave us confidence into who we are today as adults and we appreciated the discipline required to achieve anything in life.

So, we recently done a survey with all the dance teachers we have trained up so far and was blown away by the results.

As a community of dance teachers, we are collectively reaching an approximate total of 20,800 students a week who are learning how to dance and in doing so forming many other skills that they can take with them into any areas of their lives. We feel so honored and grateful to be able to make this difference that we now have a new goal to reach a million. If you would like to be part of our community, our network of dance teachers who thrive to spread their love of dance to many by teaching this art form then check out our courses now to get qualified. Once you are qualified all the support is available in DanceMode City™ where we will help you and your dance school business thrive ! We want you to prosper and fulfill on your destiny to spread your passion of dance to many !

Dancepreneur TV: helping you to grow your business

Dancepreneur TVIf you are looking to start your own business or you already have a business and are now looking to develop yourself and your business then this is for you.

We are please to announce that DanceMode are the official sponsors for the NEW online TV Channel and Network Dancepreneur TV !  On the chat show “Inspiration Tuesdays” Suzanne Mendonca, Dawn Mendonca and Veronica Briones from DanceMode interview the UK’s and International leading dancepreneurs sharing their journeys to success to inspire up and coming dancepreneurs.

Sponsors such as Dancers Inc, Bokwa Fitness, Wizard Video Productions, Impact Dance, Arts Admin Angel , Dancing in the UK & many more have all come together to raise awareness & raise funds for the charity DanceAid. They have created an ebook called “Dancepreneurs In The Spotlight” highlighting strategies and tools to help you with your business to give to all who donate to DanceAid through Dancepreneur TV.

Spread the Facebook page with your friends and lets all get connected

Dancepreneur TV



Dance Teacher Training UK TOUR !

Dance Teacher Training UK

We are bringing the IDTA freestyle associate dance teacher training courses to areas around the UK in 2013 !!!
Our tour includes Edinburgh Scotland, Thurrock Essex, Manchester, London Surrey, Exeter Devon
Places are limited !! For more information CLICK HERE

For more information on the IDTA Pre-Associate 1 & 2 Ballet course where we will be teaching you the brand new syllabus !!! CLICK HERE

In the past we have students travel miles aways to attend our courses and we understand the added expense this may bring in regards to travelling, flights, hotels etc so we will now be offering IDTA dance teacher training courses across the UK.

If you still prefer to travel to London, please do check out the most recent courses as we often still hold some courses at the Coulsdon Manor Hotel which is just 20 min taxi ride from London Gatwick airport and obviously students often stay at the hotel where we deliver the IDTA dance teacher training courses. Other courses are held in Central London in London Bridge.

Alternatively if you are a group of friends who would like to get qualified and request for us to deliver a dance teacher training course in your area where you live, we are happy to arrange a private group dance teacher training course just for you. We enjoy taking on these requests and so far have travelled all across the Uk to do so. They are a great success and as the training in done in your environment adds to the convenience for yourselves in terms of commute and possibly around your other commitments. We would however request a split cost between us and yourselves for our travelling expenses and hotel arrangements. If you would like to request a group private dance teacher training course just send us an email message to


Dance Teacher Training London

Dance Teacher Training London: The freestyle course in Essex that we ran went superbly well. Yes the courses are intensive but we look after you. We understand that breaks are also part of the learning process to give you time to absorb the information that we share. So for all of those tea, phone and Facebook addicts you are not to worry, as a matter of fact its healthy to take breaks. This picture was from our recent freestyle course held in Essex.

Dance Teacher Training London


So we are coming back to greater London for our next courses. Not long now for our pre-associate ballet course happening at the end of September, heres some photos of our existing group about to take their exams very soon.

Dance Teacher Training LondonDance Teacher Training London


If you are wanting to get qualified to teach freestyle dance before the end of the year, course dates have just been released.
Learn more about the International Dance Teachers Association Freestyle Teacher Qualification

Or Learn more about the International Dance Teachers Association Ballet Pre-Associates Qualification


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