Dance Teacher Training Essex

Dance Teacher Training Essex: DanceMode UK are bringing the IDTA freestyle dance teacher training courses to Thurrock, Essex.



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If you have missed the dates for the Dance Teacher Training Essex courses, we also run them in Central London, London Bridge which is easily accessible from Essex, London and Greater London counties.

Our IDTA Freestyle courses are intensive 2 days training with approx 5 weeks revision period before taking the examination with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) examination board. This is a fully recognised qualification and once qualified you will be able to teach anywhere in the world, gain dance teachers insurance, and the necessary CRB/DBS checks in order to work with children. As a qualified member of the IDTA you will also get free access to attend dance workshops, area meetings & seminars. In Essex the IDTA area meeting are very popular and this is where you will be able to keep up to date on the support that the IDTA can give you in your dance teachers careers.

Also once booked onto any of our courses you will get free access to Dancepreneur City a community of dancepreneurs looking to do business with other dancepreneurs. Together with the dance teachers support by the IDTA and dance business support of Dancepreneur City you will have the right people around you to ensure your journey as a dance teacher is a success.




IDTA Qualification: Why Get Qualified ?

IDTA Qualification: Why not get qualified to teach dance ? I mean in todays world can you trust just anybody and everybody to know what they are doing ? At least with a qualification a potential student or parent can have some kind of peace of mind. Not only will a qualification (and to add one that is recognised ! ) add to the credibility of yourself and reputation for your dance school but also open up so many other avenues that you may have not even considered as yet or do not know that they even exist. When you embark upon the dance teaching qualification journey of professional development more doors open but you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Now just imagine in 5 years time what will you be doing ? Still teaching without a qualification ? or climbed up the ladder in the professional world of dance ? Where you will then be in a position to help others also do the same. Although exams may terrify some, from experience each time I have taken an exam I gained more confidence, more knowledgeable about dance and most of all my vision expanded from thinking about opening my own dance school to then what difference or contribution can I make to the dance industry on a global level. This is exactly what these qualification can do for you…give you access to grow. So if you have been meaning to take your qualification for a while now what are you waiting for.. seriously? time waits for no-one.

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Move It Dance 2012


Don’t know about you but if you went to Move It Dance this year (Europe largest dance exhibition held at Olympia, London) it was buzzing. We met some really cool peeps, bumped into many old faces and also made some new great connections who Im sure we will be working with very soon. You see we have some really awesome stuff planned for this year but can’t say too much just now as its all a bit hush hush.. so you are just going to have to watch this space all we can say is that its going to be HUGE. The last time we exhibited at Move It was in 2008 and have to say that since then the industry has really grown with more and more savvy dancers now following their passions, acting on their innovative ideas and running full time businesses in the dance industry. We noticed that this year many of those exhibiting were new start up business and it was a breath of fresh of air to see new business concepts coming into the dance world. Very inspirational indeed and we wish them all the best of luck with their new entrepreneurial journeys… the internet is playing a huge role in the development of these businesses as every stand was really promoting their web presence, to be honest we have never seen so many laptops at a Move It Dance exhibition ever before haha and thus we feel and know that the dance industry is finally changing with the times as the internet is allowing so much opportunity for the younger dancing entrepreneurs to make their mark in the industry who have the mindsets of “how can we work together” Really Awesome News for anyone looking to start a business in any industry… its about time the dance industry evolved into more business collaborations, growing together instead of the competitive mindset of I AM THE BEST haha which we feel is just.. “so old school” & limited to growth to say the least !!! We are loving the future of this industry & if you have been thinking about setting up business to follow your dreams, now is the time to get your foot on the map in time for what we predict this year will see TRANSFORMATION in the way people are having to do business in the dance world. So, if you are looking to get qualified to teach dance professionally and open a dance business, we have a new SUMMER offer available to you if you are looking to also set your business up the right way from the start… watch the video to find out more..

Here’s a video & some pics of our day..enjoy 😉


Move It DanceMove It DanceMove It Dance

Win FREE Place on IDTA Ballet OR IDTA Freestyle Dance



To Win FREE Place on IDTA, Leave a comment below and tell us
1) what course you would like to win a free place on
2) why you think you deserve to win
3) what the qualification can do for you once you have got it

Closing date for all entries : 1st April 2012

Winner will be announced on 2nd April 2012 at 9pm !!

Good Luck !
Dawn & Suzanne

Keep it moving !


Keep it moving BONUS

Book before Sunday 18th December and come hang out with us at the Keep it Moving dance showcase 2012 courtesy of The Movement Factory !

Hosted by Richard Blackwood, watch some of the UKs most popular dance groups perform under one roof and celebrate dance as whole art form. This show will include a collection of street dancers, breakers, poppers, lockers as well as classical Ballet contemporary inspired pieces too!

Performers include some familiar household names from popular television series Britain’s Got Talent and Sky 1’s Got to dance- Unity Youth, Abyss and X factor finalist Duane Lamonte will be popping in to perform his new single. Lots more special guest performers will be there!  For more info about this event visit See you there !

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