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Its coming up to the end of the year again and we are about to hold our LAST course for the year that will get your professionally qualified to teach dance where you will have letter after your name, teach in gyms, schools and RUN A BUSINESS.. yes because we are Serious About BUSINESS ! Once qualified we will give you business support to ensure that your dance school becomes successful and guess where our online support group is.. on facebook !

So heres the BONUS for booking THIS WEEK onto our next course happening at the end of the month.


My good friend Kymberlee Jay (Nike dance athlete) is holding an event Serious About Streetdance : THE BATTLES this Thursday 3rd November at the University of London Union (ULU) at 7pm !.. and we are giving you a FREE ticket to come hang out with us there !

but you must BOOK your place onto our next course by THURSDAY 3rd November to get these bonuses !!!

Speak soon

Dawn & Suzanne

Dance business FAQ for free!


Dance business FAQ for free!

If you have been running a dance business or thinking about teaching dance then along the way you probrably have hit loads of hurdles or not had any guidance or support to fastrack your success. Well, the good news is you are not alone. Its very common for anyone starting up a business to feel fustrated and lost as to what to do to get things going. So this weekend (1st and 2nd October) we have opened the doors to help you out for FREE !

This weekend on the 1st and 2nd October we have students taking their examinations to become qualified dance teachers and you are invited to come along and meet us.

You will have an opportunity to get to ask us any dance related questions where we will give you personal 1-1 advice, and also get to meet some of the students that are taking their exams. Its a great opportunity to meet new dancers, network and hang out with us.

We will be available between 10am-4pm at the dance studio, Coulsdon Manor Hotel, Coulsdon Court Rd, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2LL.

See you there !

Dawn & Suzanne

Ps. We also have a special gift to give to you for this weekend only 😉


Dance Teaching Qualifications

Just two years ago you could walk into a school and say “Im a dance teacher” and the school will believe you without asking for any proof of qualification to say that you are knowledgeable about working with kids, the disabled and special needs, they will assume you understand what not to do in your classes to prevent injury, they would think you already would have lesson plan structures in place so the class is tailored to the outcome of the development of your students etc.. yes this really is what use to happen and what did this cause ? all sorts of issues with unqualified dance teachers working in schools.

I mean, can you imagine.. as a dance teacher knowing NOTHING about all this stuff, you can teach dance but had NO IDEA that all this other stuff comes with teaching dance. This caused questions.. lots of questions with the dance teaching industry and having qualifications. More and more establishments like schools, health clubs and most importantly parents (your paying customer) is alot more clued up about dance teaching qualifications now. I mean, if you are a parent, would you dare leave your kids in the hands of an unqualified dance teacher who may know NOTHING about how to deal with your child ?

These days if someone as a non-qualified dance teacher went for a dance teaching job and so did a qualified dance teacher… who will get the job ? A qualification is proof to your customers, your employees and to yourself that you are knowledgeable about teaching dance ! Dance Teaching Qualifications are a must to survive in this industry now. Period !

Heres a vid of out latest students on their exam day who now have this dance teaching knowledge.. enjoy !

Click here for IDTA Associate Freestyle Dance Teacher Course Details

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