Dance Teacher Training Diploma

Dance Teacher Training Diploma
You will need this dance teachers qualification whether you need it to teach street dance, freestyle, slow, contemporary, musical theatre or cultural genres but only inside education establishments. eg. schools.

Discover the easiest and fastest way to get the Level 4 Diploma Dance Teaching

So here is some information about how to do the Dance Teacher Training Diploma

The work required for this qualification is equivalent to doing the first year of a degree, so therefore it is a lengthy process which is great if you work best this way.

We however specialise in intensive courses and therefore explored and went through the process of obtaining this dance teaching Level 4 diploma in the fastest and easiest way possible and now we can share with you our recommended way of achieving it.

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You may already have the Freestyle associate qualification, if so this is great news for you… you now have the plan of action that will align you to getting the Level 4 diploma with no additional dance teacher training needed.

If you do not have the Freestyle associate as yet, then consider this as a strategy to get attend dance teacher training to become associate qualified first that will put in a position to be able to also apply for this diploma as an additional qualification.

Please note that the associate Freestyle qualification is still enough to be able to teach your own dance school, in another dance school or as an after school club but is the Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching that the education system will be able to understand what this qualification means should you need it to teach inside education establishments.

See our courses to select the next associate course available.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

IDTA Level 4 Dance Teaching Diploma

IDTA diplomaIn Aprl 2016, the IDTA launched the new Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching. This qualification is not to replace the Freestyle Associate but can be obtained as an additional qualification to fit in with establishments requirements depending on what you want to do :

This qualification is a government accredited qualification, equivalent to the first year of a degree and internationally recognised. You see, although in the dance world we may be familiar with association qualifications such as the Associate level which allows us as dance teachers to enter students in for examinations, some academic establishments may not understand this specific framework hence the Level 4 Diploma.

If wanting to apply for dance teaching jobs in other establishments such as leisure centers or in schools as an extra curricular activity then this qualification will also mean that you have studied the health and safety behind teaching dance and you will be able to obtain adequate insurance.
With much changes to the education system in the UK with many high schools now switching to an academy it was evident that this qualification was now needed.

As a DanceMode dance teacher training lecturer I felt is was necessary to go through the process myself in obtaining this qualification so we can give advice and guide our elite graduates in the development of their careers as dance teachers.


IDTA Freestyle Associate Exam Day

The students attended our intensive 2 day course to learn everything they need to know to pass the exam, then six weeks later after receiving revision support in our secret facebook group is Exam day ! This video shows students taking the IDTA Freestyle Associate exam at Waddon Leisure Centre. They will receive their exam results within 2 weeks directly from the IDTA. With having trained over 350 dancers to obtain this qualification with very high grades we have no doubt they all done incredibly well. For updates on their progress check out our facebook page

If you would like to get your qualification to teach dance, our July course is now fully booked, we now have other dates available and places are selling fast. Click here to select your preferred location for more course details.

What is the IDTA Level 4 Diploma In Dance Teaching

The IDTA have recently launched the Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching. This qualification is in line with the framework of educational establishments such as universities and colleges.

This qualification does not replace the existing Freestyle Associate qualification, however it does replace the Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Theatre Craft Associate level qualifications.

For those Freestylers who are wanting to further your education in dance teaching inside of the educational framework then this qualification would be suitable. If however, you are someone who is just looking at doing a dance genre such as freestyle and want to enter students in for amateur examinations then the Freestyle associate is sufficient.

If you already have an associate qualification then you can apply and we can help you go through the guidelines and criteria required for the top up.

In order to do the Level 4 Diploma In Dance Teaching in replacement of any of the Theatre branch associates the Pre-associate 1&2 qualifications are still a requirement.

See courses for more information. Please let us know if you have any further questions

Become ADFP Freestyle Dance Adjudicator

IMG_0484So you have either entered yourself or taken your school to freestyle dance competitions and always wondered how to become a dance adjudicator at events such as those ruled by the Association of Dance and Freestyle Professionals (ADFP).

Each event is run by different promoters all across the country and it is highly advised that you network with the promoters so they become familiar with who you are and your dance background. Promoters build a strong relationship with the adjudicators they hire as often they are asked to adjudicate for them time and time again.

The ADFP set out clear rules and guidelines for participants so the sport can flourish. Adjudicators at events are looked after by the hosts with lunch provided and are well informed about the running of the day. With freestyle dance being a very fast paced style, adjudicators have to be quick with their markings of numbers as time is very limited on each heat. Adjudicating is often a developed skill that adjudicators practice various strategies in their markings. One strategy we use is that we write down all the numbers that are called back onto the floor as the host is reading them out, this way we can keep track of who to keep and not by simply crossing them off the list as we notice them on the floor. Concentration is key at these events, so keep well hydrated.

It is essential that you have at least a Freestyle Licentiate level qualification to be a judge and register yourself as an adjudicator with the ADFP.

If not already qualified at licentiate level you must of either held the Freestyle associate qualification for at least two years or have had 2 years dance teaching experience to do the licentiate training. In order to do the licentiate training within the 2 year time frame after becoming associate qualified you will need to get a written letter of approval direct from the IDTA to fast track your career development.

Learn more about IDTA Licentiate Freestyle Teacher Training Course




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