IDTA Level 4 Dance Teaching Diploma

IDTA diplomaIn Aprl 2016, the IDTA launched the new Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching. This qualification is not to replace the Freestyle Associate but can be obtained as an additional qualification to fit in with establishments requirements depending on what you want to do :

This qualification is a government accredited qualification, equivalent to the first year of a degree and internationally recognised. You see, although in the dance world we may be familiar with association qualifications such as the Associate level which allows us as dance teachers to enter students in for examinations, some academic establishments may not understand this specific framework hence the Level 4 Diploma.

If wanting to apply for dance teaching jobs in other establishments such as leisure centers or in schools as an extra curricular activity then this qualification will also mean that you have studied the health and safety behind teaching dance and you will be able to obtain adequate insurance.
With much changes to the education system in the UK with many high schools now switching to an academy it was evident that this qualification was now needed.

As a DanceMode dance teacher training lecturer I felt is was necessary to go through the process myself in obtaining this qualification so we can give advice and guide our elite graduates in the development of their careers as dance teachers.


IDTA Training – Not Sure If This Course is for You ?


We know what it’s lke, you want to get qualified to teach dance & do the IDTA training but it costs money. You want to be sure that this course is right for you. Well,  for the cost of the investment you will sure make this money back in quick time teaching dance. On average our past students have made their money back in less than two months .. and then the rest is history. As IDTA training graduates they have gone on to pack up their jobs and work for themselves teaching dance living a life they have always dreamed of, doing something that is not only fulfilling but something they have a passion for.

So to help you out with your decision we have put together the top 20 Questions that we get asked about the Intensive Associate Level IDTA Freestyle Dance Teacher Training Course. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below or contact us..we are happy to help !

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Although in this video are our top 20 questions that we get asked by students enquiring to come onto the course, we understand that you may also be looking other IDTA training providers.

We therefore recommend that these Top 5 questions be asked to all IDTA training providers in order to assist with your research before making a decision.

1) Who are the lecturers? what are their qualifications and are they qualified to deliver the IDTA course training ?
At DTT All IDTA training is delivered by professional IDTA lecturers who are qualified to deliver the IDTA training.

2) How long have you been running these courses ?
DTT were the first to run intensive IDTA training courses and have been leading the way since 2005 !

3) What do you offer students once they are qualified ?
All DTT students are given FREE access to Dancepreneur City ! The only dance business community and network in the world !

4) Can I contact a student to get a review about your services ?
At DTT we would be happy to share a list of students dance school websites who we have trained up who now run dance schools themselves. Their contact information can be found on their sites, . We are still friends with them all so no problem !

5) Do you know the examiner ?
Yes at DTT we know most the examiners which examine for us and have built up great relationships with them. We have an idea of how they examine and what they look for.


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