IDTA Freestyle Associate Exam Day

The students attended our intensive 2 day course to learn everything they need to know to pass the exam, then six weeks later after receiving revision support in our secret facebook group is Exam day ! This video shows students taking the IDTA Freestyle Associate exam at Waddon Leisure Centre. They will receive their exam results within 2 weeks directly from the IDTA. With having trained over 350 dancers to obtain this qualification with very high grades we have no doubt they all done incredibly well. For updates on their progress check out our facebook page

If you would like to get your qualification to teach dance, our July course is now fully booked, we now have other dates available and places are selling fast. Click here to select your preferred location for more course details.

Now Working With South East Dance Studios!

South East Dance StudiosJust like most dance teachers we started out teaching in our local church halls…. we have had some experiences working in these places let me tell you.. from dropping maggots to stage rats, not to mention all the holes in the floor.. , (there were also some nice church halls.. will never forget the good halls too.. they were appreciated). Working as a newly qualified dance teacher back then though however was really fun… it was exciting times for us, a new venture and once we were qualified we had a new vision of what could be…

We had found that teaching gave us a whole new level of passion for dance. It was so rewarding and empowering just to know we were making a difference somehow someway with the kids who came to our classes fulfilled us. Some of our past students¬† who are now adults and are still dancing… some are also teaching and giving back once again. Looking back we would never of dreamed how far having an IDTA professional teaching qualification would take us..

So this is why 15 years later, we are so excited to be working with South East Dance Studios in Kent to now bring to you our dance teacher training courses in this awesome venue for 2014. We cannot wait to assist with the transition of the next group of dancers into becoming dancepreneurs & professional teachers on our teacher training courses at this outstanding venue.. are you coming ??? …. Check out the video for a sneak peak

For more information on 2014 Dance Teacher Training Courses Click here

Become a Dance Teacher: Course Highlights

Become a Dance Teacher !

DTT : The 1st to dance teacher training centre to deliver IDTA intensive dance teacher training courses ! Limited places

By becoming a dance teacher will not only give you satisfaction of doing something you love but also have you live your life on your terms. You see for us we were both single mothers at the time we choose to become a dance teacher, we had limited time and had to work around our kids at times and days that were convenient for us. As the kids grew they also came to work with us and joined in the classes. Becoming a dance teacher was a blessings not just for the freedom of the lifestyle but also as it was exercise it helped us stay fit !

What better job is this ? Is becoming a dance teacher really a job ? If you love it, it doesnt feel like work. Nothing is too stressful and you want to and are willing to do it. That alone makes a difference to your career choice. For some to become a dance teacher and teach part time whilst they also work is what they love to do, for others they give up their full time times to take the steps of creating a dance business to replace their full time income. Either way the choice is yours and both are possible but becoming a dance teacher has been the best steps we ever took !

The usual route to become a dance teacher with an IDTA qualification is by having private lessons over a period of 2 years approx. It took us several meetings with IDTA commitee members to get approval to run our courses intensively. We know how busy everyone lives are and sometime just devoting a month of focus is worth the battle to become a qualified dance teacher than having to drag it out over years of training we knew it would work for most. To learn more about our intensive courses to become a dance teacher check out our IDTA courses !

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