What is the IDTA Level 4 Diploma In Dance Teaching

The IDTA have recently launched the Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching. This qualification is in line with the framework of educational establishments such as universities and colleges.

This qualification does not replace the existing Freestyle Associate qualification, however it does replace the Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Theatre Craft Associate level qualifications.

For those Freestylers who are wanting to further your education in dance teaching inside of the educational framework then this qualification would be suitable. If however, you are someone who is just looking at doing a dance genre such as freestyle and want to enter students in for amateur examinations then the Freestyle associate is sufficient.

If you already have an associate qualification then you can apply and we can help you go through the guidelines and criteria required for the top up.

In order to do the Level 4 Diploma In Dance Teaching in replacement of any of the Theatre branch associates the Pre-associate 1&2 qualifications are still a requirement.

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Become ADFP Freestyle Dance Adjudicator

IMG_0484So you have either entered yourself or taken your school to freestyle dance competitions and always wondered how to become a dance adjudicator at events such as those ruled by the Association of Dance and Freestyle Professionals (ADFP).

Each event is run by different promoters all across the country and it is highly advised that you network with the promoters so they become familiar with who you are and your dance background. Promoters build a strong relationship with the adjudicators they hire as often they are asked to adjudicate for them time and time again.

The ADFP set out clear rules and guidelines for participants so the sport can flourish. Adjudicators at events are looked after by the hosts with lunch provided and are well informed about the running of the day. With freestyle dance being a very fast paced style, adjudicators have to be quick with their markings of numbers as time is very limited on each heat. Adjudicating is often a developed skill that adjudicators practice various strategies in their markings. One strategy we use is that we write down all the numbers that are called back onto the floor as the host is reading them out, this way we can keep track of who to keep and not by simply crossing them off the list as we notice them on the floor. Concentration is key at these events, so keep well hydrated.

It is essential that you have at least a Freestyle Licentiate level qualification to be a judge and register yourself as an adjudicator with the ADFP.

If not already qualified at licentiate level you must of either held the Freestyle associate qualification for at least two years or have had 2 years dance teaching experience to do the licentiate training. In order to do the licentiate training within the 2 year time frame after becoming associate qualified you will need to get a written letter of approval direct from the IDTA to fast track your career development.

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IDTA Qualification: Why Get Qualified ?

IDTA Qualification: Why not get qualified to teach dance ? I mean in todays world can you trust just anybody and everybody to know what they are doing ? At least with a qualification a potential student or parent can have some kind of peace of mind. Not only will a qualification (and to add one that is recognised ! ) add to the credibility of yourself and reputation for your dance school but also open up so many other avenues that you may have not even considered as yet or do not know that they even exist. When you embark upon the dance teaching qualification journey of professional development more doors open but you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Now just imagine in 5 years time what will you be doing ? Still teaching without a qualification ? or climbed up the ladder in the professional world of dance ? Where you will then be in a position to help others also do the same. Although exams may terrify some, from experience each time I have taken an exam I gained more confidence, more knowledgeable about dance and most of all my vision expanded from thinking about opening my own dance school to then what difference or contribution can I make to the dance industry on a global level. This is exactly what these qualification can do for you…give you access to grow. So if you have been meaning to take your qualification for a while now what are you waiting for.. seriously? time waits for no-one.

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