IDTA Freestyle Associate Exam Day

The students attended our intensive 2 day course to learn everything they need to know to pass the exam, then six weeks later after receiving revision support in our secret facebook group is Exam day ! This video shows students taking the IDTA Freestyle Associate exam at Waddon Leisure Centre. They will receive their exam results within 2 weeks directly from the IDTA. With having trained over 350 dancers to obtain this qualification with very high grades we have no doubt they all done incredibly well. For updates on their progress check out our facebook page

If you would like to get your qualification to teach dance, our July course is now fully booked, we now have other dates available and places are selling fast. Click here to select your preferred location for more course details.

Meet An IDTA Examiner .. (Video Interview)

If you are about to take an IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) exam then you probably are anxious to know what your examiner will be like. Well, from experience of having examiners examine our students they are all very professional, pleasant and they WANT YOU TO PASS !! Yes they are on your side, and with professional examinations they understand how nervous you may be and will try to ease your nerves with general conversation to break to ice. If you get stuck on a question they will prompt you to get the answer out of you. So have no fear…

The examiners are also successful dance school business owners in their own right, they often are still teaching, judging at competitions, lecturing at seminars and involved in IDTA committee area meetings… and all started from just taking that first associate level exam. If you are looking to become an examiner thenĀ  yes there is a few years of work to be done. Depending on what branch you would like to examine ie. theatre branch or ballroom branch you would of had to of gained the freestyle qualifications (associate, licentiate & fellowship) plus the fellowship levels in 2 other styles under the branch you would like to progress to becoming an examiner. Once you have all 3 fellowships then you would have to apply to do the examiner training and examiners exam.

To learn more, we recently had dance school owner and IDTA examiner Chris Green attend one of our examination sessions and she kindly allowed us to interview her about her dance career journey..


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